h.Food: The birth of the Hereford Fringe Food festival


h.Food @ All Saints 23rd to 25th August

If you live anywhere near Hereford you’ll probably already know about the official Flavours of Herefordshire food festival. This year it’s on Hereford’s Castle Green. The star attraction is Mary Berry and there’s lots of food stalls, street food and stuff for kids.

A few months ago a group of us got together to chat about whether there was something a bit less conventional that we could run alongside the Flavours festival. Martin Orbach (Shepherds ice cream & the founder of the very successful Abergavenny food festival), Pete Norton and Kate Gathercote (the team behind New Leaf’s successful h.Energy festival) and Mo Burns (catalyst for almost everything good that happens in Hereford city) and myself thought we could put on something low key but fun right in the middle of the city.

So, come along to All Saints over the Bank Holiday weekend and see what we’ve come up with. And as well as the evening events at All Saints, h.Food will be putting on a food trail, films and music during each day. Visit www.herefordshirenewleaf.org.uk/h.Food for up to date details and to book tickets for any of the All Saints events.

Potentially the most chaotic (but I think highly entertaining) event will be the community pop-up picnic party on the Sunday night at All Saints. The idea is that everyone brings some Herefordshire-based food and shares it at long communal tables. You can bring your own drink – but the All Saints bar will also be open if you’d rather do that. We’ve then got an award-winning comedian (with a name like Esme de Flange she’s got to be good) , live music and most of all: everyone else’s food to eat. Will everyone bring the same thing? And if so, how many strawberry cheesecakes can 120 people eat? Who will bring the tastiest focaccia or the most succulent smoked ham? Herefordshire produces so much delicious stuff, it should be a great evening to celebrate all that.

To book your place (it’s free but you’ll still need a ticket) go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hfood-festival-fringe-pop-up-picnic-tickets-11745207231

Our three All Saints events are:

Saturday 23rd August at 6.30pm
How local is local?
A food quiz followed by ‘Any Questions’ to a panel of local food and farming experts.
£10 including a pork or goat’s cheese bun

Sunday 24th August from 6.30pm
Community pop-up party picnic
A local food feast with laid back music and an award winning comedian. You bring Herefordshire food to share and we’ll supply live music, an award winning comedian – and all for free..

Monday 25th August at 6.30pm
How to feed the world?
Debate and Q & A featuring renowned food and farming writer and broadcaster Colin Tudge.
£10 including a pork or goat’s cheese bun

We hope that you’ll come and enjoy Mary Berry’s buns during the day on Castle Green and then wander over to All Saints for our events there which will be at 6.30 each evening. I’ll look forward to seeing lots of you there!